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utnapishtm international festival of creativity

Of the Epic of Gilgamesh has to be evoked and attracted by the personality of Utnapchatm, the legendary personality given by the gods of everlasting immortality after our ship was saved by mankind and other creatures of the courtyard when the Great Flood occurred. The greatness of the city and the wall that he built around him made him realize that his name would be restored if he was the just ruler of this city. . In short, immortality is not the continuation of life and the suppression of death, but the achievements of man are those who will make his name immortal transmitted by tongues throughout the ages. Hence the idea of the festival, which aims at honoring all those who put a fingerprint in different fields, whether artistic, academic, sports or other. The festival provides a fitting tribute to these figures amid a large official and technical presence from inside and outside Iraq.

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